About Patti



Integrated Movement Specialist™.
Breast Cancer Recovery BOSU® & Cancer Exercise Specialist with CETI.
Experienced Balanced Body® Pilates Instructor/Educator & Presenter. Anatomy in Three Dimensions, MOTR™ Instructor for BOHDI™, Balanced Body Barre, CoreAlign™,
Alumni of F.A.M.I. (Functional Anatomy Meets Injury@Mount Sinai) American Bone Health Peer Educator. GYROTONIC®Certified.

My Pilates Journey began in 1999. @ the PhysicalMind Institute®

I demonstrate a history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry a few decades. Skilled in Pilates I can help people of all ages improve postural awareness to promote wellness. I work individually with clients, cancer patients during and after cancer surgery and treatment deal with or reduce Lymphedema and into survivorship. I strive to help them improve their ability to cope with the mental and physical stress following cancer diagnosis and treatment through exercise.




Helping them minimize the side effects of treatment, reverse postural and range if motion issues that arise from surgery and reconstruction, and focus on awareness and prevention of lymphedema. Incorporating the Pilates Principles in their daily activities that may reduce tension pains, sciatic recurring pain, low back pain, tightness, foot issue, and many other disorders and increase core strength and overall wellness no matter what age, size or gender.

My network in the global Pilates industry and within the fitness community is extensive. I encourage and demonstrates a high level of creative innovation & willingness to consistently employ new ideas in hopes of finding better methods of training and marketing implementation.

I strive for a very high level of integrity, innovative thinking, and leadership skills. These valuable traits are very important to me the ability to take a task and rework it in the most productive way, meanwhile motivating others towards empowering them to achieve their goals making life changes to share health and wellness with others.

Circular Pilates® makes the body feel alive. The flowing, spiraling movements, fueled by breath, frees the body and the soul. But, most of all, Circular Pilates provides opportunities of movement to many of my students who were restrained by the linear precision of conventional Pilates.”

~Angela Sundberg, Certified Pilates Teacher, and owner of Bodyscapes

Work With Me

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Virtual Online Sessions

Pilates can not only be fun but now you can have PRIVATE, VIRTUAL training and not have to leave your home.  It’s as easy as downloading a ZOOM app and using props you already have at home.  

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3D Anatomy Class

Anatomy 3 D is a fun hands on way to learn the body here in Florida at Archer Pilates Studio in Hollywood, FL. Go to Balanced Body website to Register.

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