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Join us as we travel across the United States in an RV, one city at a time, 52 cities in all.  Check back to see where we will be and what we will be up to while we are there.

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Join us on our journey

We are so excited to be sharing this journey with you all.  Check back daily for updates to our “journey map” to see when we will be at a city near you/

My goal for this trip is to share as much of my knowledge and training expertise as it pertains to wellness and Pilates with as many new and upcoming instructors as I can during 2022.

I am also looking to establish long-term business relationships with each of the host locations I visit.  I am looking to partner to help certify new instructors and trainers.  We have amazing certification courses available.

If you don’t see your city listed, reach out and let’s see if we can make a date work.  Or maybe you can join me at the location nearest you.  

Join us for some great information, networking, training, freebies and much more.  We want this to be an amazing experience for all.

Classes & Training

Learn about what is up and coming for Pilates in America.

Studio Classes

Onsite and coming to a city near you in 2022.

Master Classes

For Instructors who want to take 2022 to the next level.

November Workshop

Join us for amazing training.

Travel Schedule

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Class Offerings

Patti’s well-rounded expertise allows her business to provide personalized virtual training and in-studio group classes (coming in 2022), along with certification classes, workshops, Anatomy-in-3D course and so much more.

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