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PhysicalMind Institute® was established in 1991 to carry on the work of Joseph Pilates. Beginning with Certification of Pilates Teachers, the Institute continued the tradition of looking at bodies and inventing what was needed for better movement and pain relief. Today Pilates, Yoga, Barre and Dance professionals and consumers worldwide benefit from these patented, portable, and lightweight products such as Tye4®, Parasetter®, Head Floater® and more. These are the future of fitness.

Stand Tall Sit Better POSTURE products!

Are you looking to have more foot traffic in local your community? Are you trying to develop a strong relationship with your surrounding community, have added visibility that will translate into a positive brand presence that drives up your revenue?

It is important for businesses to strengthen their local relations by hosting events at their brick-and-mortar location. This Posture Workshop will complement your own brand, embracing a purposeful cause in everyday bodies to help their posture. Offering a FREE event indicates that a business is invested in truly bettering its community, and make a positive change by leading by example.

In-store events attract potential customers by offering experiences and benefits by increasing exposure. Additionally, when a customer interacts with a hands on experience product in-store, they are more likely to purchase.


Considering some of these useful posture products for forward head, sitting posture and feet to all brick-and-mortar locations will prove effectiveness.

You can have these products for sale in store bundles or send your clients to Amazon and not take up their realty space so no stock necessary.

I will explain step by step in detail what your need to do with the Posture Workshop in an hour Zoom consultation for $120 to hold limitless workshops or hire me to come do your first presentation.

Use the button below to register, or email me for further details:

I will explain step by step in detail what your need to do with the Posture Workshop in an hour Zoom consultation for $120 to hold limitless workshops or hire me to come do your first presentation.

Use the button below to register, or email me for further details:

Tye4™ PhysicalMind®

What is it? It’s a wearable resistance that fires the muscles on your entire body. Have you ever worked with dynabands? Tye4™ way better!


How does it work?
Wearing Tye4™ on your body makes connections deeply in your entire body, working your body & brain in ways you have never done before. It’s fun it’s different and it all in one.

Let’s you be endlessly creative in teaching & you will never get bored. I want to share my experience with Tye4™ I have been teaching with, from Standing, Seated, Mat, Equipment. Tye4™ has endless ways to use. Such versatility. Takes up no space in a little mesh carry case.

It’s a great tool for you, & your clients/your students to teach them how to move their muscles deeply all around the bones from the top of their head down to their toes with coordination, control, concentration, fluidity, mindful movement for better posture & balance strengthening & stretching workout.

It gives cognitive feedback that stimulates & connects deep within your entire body. It involves sensory & motor integration feedback directly to your body for elongation for concentric/ eccentric movement in a closed chain environment. Fabulous rehabilitation tool firing the entire brain-body muscle/fascia connections.

I have worked with large groups and one on one for many years & now teaching online classes & privates. The feedback is amazing from everyone.

Circular Pilates™

Why do you need it? Seated perched on edge of chair and standing intervals. Want to feel as good as your clients & students. Talk less, cue less. Get everyone moving & feeling.  Feeling absolutely awesome from head to toe, renewed, regenerated, refreshed & talking about your awesome Tye4™ classes to their friends.

“Look my right shoulder is higher than my left!”, looking at yourself in the mirror.

Using the Parasetter and Head Floater & Minis we can open up your chest and shoulders and change the tightness. Breathing into Rib Rap Arms raised hands to face each other protection reach away to ceiling and retraction melt shoulders over parasetter. Head Floater cervial nods, side to side, Float head up curl-ups. Myofascial release footwork.

Parasetter/Minis/Head Floater
How we breathe affects everything we do to help us move with ease and integrity. Breathing can be both unconscious and conscious; and as one of the guiding principles of Pilates.

These tools to help you explore several ways to breathe in order to enhance the function of the respiratory and musculoskeletal systems.

• Learn what happens with every breath with the assistance of these tools
• Learn a sequence of exercises to help unlock the breath for the improved functionality to help you target the correct muscles to fire at the right time. The body always seeks the path to compensate for weakness and tightness – awareness of your posture alignment will assist you to accomplish precise movement in the exercises so you will get the results you want.


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