Just when you thought you were cool for doing Pilates, its cousin, GYROTONIC® enters the scene.

At first, the two systems seem similar. Both enhance strength and flexibility, and both offer equipment workouts. Just as German-born Joseph Pilates devised his system in order to overcome childhood illnesses such as rickets and asthma, Romanian-born dancer Juliu Horvath created GYROTONIC® exercise for rehabilitation of his lumbar and Achilles tendon injuries. While the two methods share similar exercise theories, they differ in actual practice. Juliu Horvath created one piece of equipment and called it the GYROTONIC®. Most of the Pilates equipment uses a spring and bungee cord system for resistance, whereas the GYROTONIC® uses weights and pulleys. Even though Pilates is the older of the two systems, thanks to modern technology, many of the machines have a space-age appearance, whereas the huge, wooden GYROTONIC® machines would fit right into a steampunk novel. incorporates GYROTONIC® full-range-of-motion exercises to strengthen and lengthen ligaments and attachments as well as increase flexibility in all major muscle groups.

Perform over 70 traditional and GYROTONIC® full-range-motion exercises that are relaxing and refreshing to muscles and ligaments. Each GYROTONIC® exercise allows your muscles to extend and contract fully, with uninterrupted motion that improves the range of movement and flexibility of every joint. You are able to both stretch and strengthen your muscles with minimal effort while mobilizing your joints and articulating your spine. Seniors are drawn to the GYROTONIC® method because it meets the mover where they are and movements can be kept small. With machines to support and guide you, it can be a gentle way to stay fit and supple as you age.

Typically, clients find that they experience reduced pain in joints and muscles with regular practice. And, GYROTONIC® exercise is weight-bearing which stimulates bone density and can help prevent Osteoporosis. Increased energy – better posture and alignment – stress reduction – long lean muscles – moving meditation – weight loss – stronger more responsive core – improved balance and coordination – fun diverse workout – organ/blood detox from rhythmic movements and breath – neuromuscular regeneration – greater/ more functional range of motion -enhanced sports performance – injury prevention – post-rehab – healthy spine – pleasure in movement – a better understanding of one’s body and how it should move. GYROTONIC® exercise, with its emphasis on three-dimensional rotational and oppositional reaching movements, is a favorite of golf and tennis players. Strength GYROTONIC® in flexibility is achieved by a regular practice and one trains the body’s “wave of motion,” which is integral to athletic performance and yet is overlooked by most other exercise systems. 1)All movement in GYROTONIC® comes from, or relates to the spine and makes that the whole body is involved in any exercise in a harmonic, fluent pattern. 2) Anybody has blind spots in their movements, training or work they do; GYROTONIC® will help you find, and address those blind spots.

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